Joe Delatte

The only thing we know about opinions is, everybody’s got one. Well when it comes to advertising and marketing in our hometown I’ve been known to have quite a few.  Coming up on 30 years in the market I feel I can qualify as a de facto native.  And I married one, so that helps. All those years of exposure to some pretty influential people, and living through the most significant transJoe Delatte Hampton Roadsitions our industry has ever seen, gives me some pretty keen insight to share. If you have some feedback, please leave it. If you have other ideas, let me know.

People who know me know that I’ve spent my career sharpening skills in strategic marketing, sales, research, product development, process improvement, brand development, advertising and management. Along the way I’ve held key marketing positions for several large communications players, including Landmark and Cox Communications. In fact I’ve figured out if you work in advertising or marketing in this town very long, chances are your going to work for one of those companies.  I make my home now at Seventh Point, working with a group of passionate and tireless people all through the age column.  Fun work. Hard work. If you make your living here, and make your living in advertising and marketing, you know what I mean.

One thought on “Joe Delatte

  1. Joe,
    I am teaching a course on Strategic Marketing for graduate students starting in January at Stratford University here in Virginia Beach.
    I like your background and approach to marketing.
    Would you consider coming to my class and doing a 30 minute presentation on how great companies are conducting strategic marketing?
    I teach on Thursday nights, Jan. 8 through March 11.
    I look forward to the opportunity for you to visit my class.
    Pete Kienle
    Adjunct Professor, Business,
    Stratford University, Virginia Beach or 757.226.0269

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